Our Spiritual Director

Author, speaker, and teacher, Rev. Dr. Carol Carnes possesses a keen gift for transmitting truth with clarity and humor. Her articulate and accessible style offers a practical path to spiritual understanding. Nicknamed the great explainer, she guides her students on a journey of wisdom and self knowledge by extracting metaphysical lessons from daily life. Movies, books, and current events become points of departure on an adventure into the Sacred.

Carol Carnes was first licensed by RSI in 1987. She was ordained in 1990 and also ordained by UCORS in 2002.  Her Doctorate was awarded in 2010.

She has served the international organization as Director of Education and she was part of the Integration team. She was a member of the leadership Council of the Association for Global New Thought for 18 years. She participated in three Synthesis Dialogues with his holiness the Dalai Lama. She was invited into the Martin Luther King International Board of Preachers in 2000 at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has served successfully as Senior Minister in four CSL Centers and an independent work in Florida. In 1991 she reclaimed a church charter for the Knoxville Church of Religious Science, effectively founding that work.

She wrote a featured article in Creative Thought Magazine for 7 years and has been published in Science of Mind magazine. Her book, The Way In, is popular amongst ministers and students.  Her daily blog Living Consciously is read by untold numbers. (They are forwarded by readers).  She currently writes four columns for the local newspaper under the banner of Living Consciously.

At the moment under the guidance of Dr. Jean Houston, she is exploring internet radio possibilities. Dr. Jean has professed her belief that Dr. Carol’s message ought to be global.

She brings a broad range of skills to her ministry including speaking, teaching, writing, marketing and a deep appreciation for the creative arts.

Her love of our teaching is as boundless today as it was in 1975 when she first attended one of our churches.  She fervently desires to assist in the vision of Dr. Ernest Holmes who said “I do not want to destroy religion. I want to rid it of superstition and dogma.”